Sunday, 4 October 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For

What would you do if you win a massive lottery jackpot?
Me, I would get a pool! A single lane, Olympic size, covered, swimming heaven.

No fancy stuff with waterfalls and grotto's like The Best Man of All would!
Plus, I am going to hire a personal chef- I don't want a toyboy, don't need a masseuse, a guru, life coach, dance instructor or personal trainer.
All I want is a chef. Preferable one who comes every day!
A man or woman who takes the burden out of my daily 'What shall we eat tonight' dilemma.
Day after day, weeks after weeks, year after year I am asking myself this question!
The kitchen is not my happy place.

My happy place is the trail, the water, my editing software on my computer.
This is where I come up with creative ideas, relax, let off steam, go wild.
The kitchen?
Not me.
I cook because I need to eat. My children need to be nourished and, (also very important) I want to stay married to The Best Man of All.

Here comes the bit where I introduce you to my friend Alice Zhou, PR Girl Extraordinaire from Vancouver.

Alice knows more people than you and me put together.
And Alice throws awesome parties.

Don't ask me how we got onto her 'favourite guests-list', we somehow landed there. (Actually, it may have something to do with our wet'n wild weekend with Hyak River Rafting).
Alice invited us to a dinner partee and introduced us to ....wait for it, a dream come true.

She introduced us to Dimitri, personal chef, of GAEA FOODS who only cooks healthy, with love, passion and devotion.

And yes, you are so right! Be careful what you wish for. 

Dimitri's menu choice for this particular dinner party was a bit OTT (over the top) for me.

 Personally, I still don't have any idea what most of his menu items are. 

For sure, I ate them, that doesn't mean I know how they look like uncooked or unprepared!

 Apart from the Thai dish- which was divine. Not too spicy, not too lame, it was just right. 

Anyhow, to make a lovely, entertaining evening short, I hired Dimitri to come on over to our house to cook for us.
He promised me he can cook and cater towards the more simple palet, like mine and that of our children.
I don't want fancy, I want it tasty and plentiful.
And Dimitri can do that too. 

Unfortunately I haven't won the lottery - yet- so no Olympic size pool. But a personal chef!

WooHaa, this is one of my dreams coming true!

Can life get any better?
I will keep you posted about the upcoming happiness whenever my children will ask me "What's for dinner tonight?"

Dimitri Georges, Cel: 604 719-1266,
Gaea Foods website:
GAEA_FOODS (instagram)

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