Wednesday, 25 February 2015



I love men!
I love their physical strength! I love their courtesy! I love how they get out of their way to make me feel comfortable!
OK, OK, you got me! I just described The Best Man of All (husband) and my father!
Joke aside, I do love men! Especially the way they think! It's all about logic and practicality for them! Nothing is too complicated! Men just figure stuff out!
For example, send a man Christmas or food shopping and he will be back within the hour. Full shopping bags included!
Men could have invented one-stop-shopping (did they?) They don't do what we women do, like comparing prices, cutting out coupons, strategically planning our trip and squeezing in a coffee date.

The way we shop is definitely much more adventurous than how guys go about it! However, they spend so much less time than we do!
As I said, it's one-stop-shopping-for them!
And given the chance, I will do the same!

But I am getting off topic- what I really wanted to tell you about is
The Social Media Mastery Conference held in Vancouver on Saturday, Feb. 21 2015 at the gorgeous Diamond Ballroom + Catering in Vancouver!

And yes, you guessed right, this conference is the brain child of a man!
Mr. Ricky Shetty, ueber blogger and community builder from Vancouver!

In true male fashion he organised this one-stop-shopping for us social media enthusiasts, novices and experts alike!
Mr. Shetty made it easy for all of us:
One day, eight hours, 10 speakers, ten subjects!
In between presentations we were treated to a few minutes of gentle stretching and some cheerful music!
Here are the experts who dazzled, educated and impressed:

Facebook (Matt Astifan)
Google + Michelle Costillo
Pinterest Vincent Ng
Linked In Wendy McClelland
Instagram  Cadi Jordan
Snapchat Jonathan Christian
Twitter Katt Stearns
Hootsuite Kemp Edmonds
You Tube Steve Dotto

In good female fashion I picked and chose what I needed, wanted to listen to and love. In my case it was Facebook, You Yube and LinkedIn!
What can I say? I love Mr. Steve Dotto! Even if half the time I have no clue what he is talking about in his Dottotech episodes! I like listening to him anyway, he has a fun presentation style - on and off screen!

I was all ears during Mr. Astifan's (Facebook) talk- and followed one of his recommendation as soon as I got home (completed my profile!)

Linked In is always a good one because it's all about sophisticated business over there! Wendy McClelland tips included to say Thank you after somebody connected with us!

 Pinterest? Uhhh, this platform scares me! Why? Because I get so intimidated by all the beautiful, gorgeous photos everybody is posting! Nope, not for me!
However, Vincent Ng was so eloquently spoken, I sat up straight in my chair. I even promised myself to at least check out the site and give it a go!
One click at the gorgeous, beautiful pics and I went straight back to my trusted friend facebook! Nope, Pinterest is not for me! My photos don't look half this good! Facebook, you and me, we will stay together!

And for the rest?
Unfortunately I can't tell you too much about the other presentations- but I am sure they were as awesome, informative and fun to listen to as the ones I just mentioned!
In true female fashion I took the liberty to go my own way. It was just too awesome to run into so many old and new friends.
No wonder I couldn't sit still. There was always somebody to greet, meet, chat to, catch up with or get to know:
With Ms Tazeem Jamal
Anne Shetty, the gorgeous wife of our ueber blogger!
With photographer Alan Katowitz
Mr. David Dyer

The part were the presenters sold from stage wasn't too bad, awkward or even painful!
Not everybody did it and the ones who did kept it in moderation- a book here, a course there- a freebie here! Not too bad!

All in all, the day was one stop-shopping at its best!
The location was easy accessible, the parking fee was inexpensive ($4.00/day), the information was easy to digest! In other words, it was a smorgasbord of useful information!

Unfortunately I had to leave before Mr. Hootsuite had his turn and the panel of experts had their last chance to impress us all!
Well, a mother is still a mother- I needed to get back to our kiddos. And all good adventures, as wild or crazy, tame or informative have to come to an end!

I will leave you with this one tidbit: When it comes to learning about social media, go and find yourself at the next

What is your preferred social media platform? And why do you like it? Are you a tweeter? If yes, please convince me why I should start tweeting! Thanks for your pearls (of wisdom)!


  1. Love this Christina ! I can actually "hear" you saying most of it!!! PS Love our picture...Cheers :)

    1. Hi Hi Tazeem, as always, you sparkle and brighten up the photo! It was lovely to see you!